Damon Hill Criticizes Max Verstappen's Negative Comments on F1 Sprint Races


Damon Hill, a former Formula One driver and world champion, has criticized current driver Max Verstappen for his recent comments about the new sprint format.

In an interview, Verstappen expressed his dislike for the sprint races that have been added to the F1 calendar this year, saying that they don't feel like proper races and are more like a "qualification race."

Hill, however, disagrees with Verstappen's comments and has accused the Red Bull driver of being "negative" and "unhelpful" to the sport.

According to Hill, the sprint races are a great addition to the F1 calendar as they provide fans with more exciting racing and add another layer of strategy for the teams to consider.

Hill also pointed out that Verstappen has been successful in the sprint races so far this season, winning the one held at the British Grand Prix in 2021.

Hill's criticism of Verstappen has sparked a debate among F1 fans, with some agreeing with him while others believe that Verstappen has a right to express his opinion on the new format.

Regardless of the differing opinions, it's clear that the sprint races are here to stay, at least for this season, and it will be interesting to see how they continue to impact the F1 championship.


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