On This Day In History — May 22

Johnny Carson's last episode of "The Tonight Show" aired on May 22, 1992. After hosting the show for 30 years, Carson bid farewell to his audience in a highly anticipated and emotional final episode.

The last episode featured memorable moments and highlights from Carson's tenure, including clips from his favorite moments and celebrity guests. It also included special appearances by several celebrities who came to pay tribute to Carson, including Robin Williams, Bette Midler, and Jack Paar, among others.

Carson delivered a heartfelt and emotional monologue, expressing his gratitude to the viewers and the staff who had been a part of his journey. He closed the show with a simple yet iconic message: "I bid you all a very heartfelt good night."

Carson's departure marked the end of an era in late-night television. His tenure as the host of "The Tonight Show" made him a beloved and influential figure in American television, and his unique comedic style and interviewing skills set a high standard for future late-night hosts.


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