National Investigation Into Soccer Match-Fixing


Brazil will investigate soccer match-fixing, which could have international repercussions.

In a statement, the South American country's soccer federation said it had requested the government open a new investigation. In the wake of a state investigation, several top-flight Brazilian clubs suspended a handful of players.

Brazilian midfielder Pedrinho and 22-year-old midfielder Bryan Garcia were suspended "preemptively" until the end of the prosecutors' investigation. Similarly, Cruzeiro, Fluminense, and America made the same decision about Richard, 29, Vitor Mendes, 23, and Nino Paraiba, 37.

The Brazilian media has expressed concern about the performances of all five players in matches from the 2022 season, adding that they may be targeted by the "Maximum Penalty" probe.

CBF chairman Ednaldo Rodrigues said that he has been working with FIFA and other international bodies to fight all forms of crime, fraud, and wrongdoing in soccer. The preemptive suspension (of players) based on concrete suspicions and even the ban from sport are justified in my opinion."


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