Outrage as Miami F1 Grand Prix Menu Reveals Insanely Expensive Food Prices


The menu for the food offerings at the Miami F1 Grand Prix has been revealed and it shows some astonishingly high prices.

One item on the menu is a Caesar salad that costs a whopping $370. This is just one example of the exorbitant prices that racegoers can expect to pay for food and drinks at the event.

These prices have sparked outrage among some fans who have taken to social media to express their shock and disbelief. Many have pointed out that such prices are completely out of touch with the average person's budget and are only affordable for the extremely wealthy.

The high prices are not unique to the Miami Grand Prix, however. Formula One races around the world are known for their expensive food and drink offerings. This has led some to argue that the sport is becoming increasingly elitist and inaccessible to ordinary fans.

Despite the backlash, it's unlikely that the prices will be reduced anytime soon. The Miami Grand Prix is set to take place in May 2022, and it's expected to attract a large number of high-spending racegoers who are willing to pay top dollar for the best food and drink.


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